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Playing examples for support of the
Casual Double High "C"
This playing approach is beneficial to all types of playing, not just lead or extreme register playing.
Control is the key word here!

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Quick Time Movie
Warm up sound-tiny and ppp.
Watch the chops adjust!

Quick Time Movie
Keeping the core and center in the sound

Wise Up Cadenza
A cadenza while opening for Maynard with my band "INFERNO"
notice the one-handed count off while I'm holding the last "G"... Minimum pressure does work!

MacArthur Park MPEG
Hear BOB play an excerpt from MacArthur Park opening for Maynard Ferguson 1/31/2000.

Quick Time Movie
More delicate approach-control!

Quick Time Movie
Playing a little higher

Quick Time Movie
The Hot Canary

Quick Time Movie
Blues lick-dbl "C" to low "F#"

NEW 10/3/2004

Quick Time Movie
Delicate approach with light grip

Quick Time Movie
Several clips-F scale, diminished, minimum effort arpeggio, warm-up, violin sound

Quick Time Movie
Variation 1 on a classic exercise!

Quick Time Movie
Variation 2 on a classic exercise!

NEW 10/10/2004

Quick Time Movie
I was asked about a trombone example. I don't really play trombone, but here goes!

A Casual movie example

George of the Jungle meets Rocky???
I'm playing/experimenting with a recording program called Cubase.
I'm playing with a program called Audacity using a digital echo.
A short multiple tonguing lick.
An improvised technique builder that took an upward turn to a double "C".
Recorded on a Schilke B6-L trumpet with a 9E Powerpiece. Kind of "pic. sounding, but it is a Bb trumpet.
Mike Test
Here I am testing a cheap mike's response from low "F#" to double "D" Not to bad, but too brittle.

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