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Casual Double High C" is now available on CD for computer, printable and is Special Priced $20.00. Order NOW and get FREE shipping with your order. My approach to playing in the upper register emphasizes minimum effort and fosters and generates maximum output. It is a COMMON-SENSE way to fine tune the chops, while avoiding relying totally on pressure and overall arm/body strength - as so many of us did when we were younger. The soft warm-ups and simple, direct exercises in CDHC really develop and fine-tune playing muscles and, importantly, the muscle memory that we didn't use before. Many people that can play - say just a high F - can ether squeak it or scream it, but not many can control it and play it from ppp to fff with a nice sound, in tune, and with vibrato. In other words, MUSICALLY - like a Doc Severinsen or Maynard Ferguson. If you can do that, you "own" the note. That is my approach and what I try to teach. You might find that some of the Casual Double High C exercises might have a "weird" sound, but that is just during practice and the finished product is what counts.

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