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Good stuff__ this is my second CD for students!! L.M.

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Nice Email on TPIN
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Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 2:11 pm
Post subject: Nice Email on TPIN
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Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 20:04:07 -0700
From: "tptinbflat"
Subject: [TPIN] Hello and hey to Bob Odneal - casual dubba c
Hey Bob and all,
I thought I'd say hi. Long time lurker, occasional poster. I see some folks that are still out there - hello Greg Goodnight!
Anyway, I've been doing Bob's warm-up (the G) and the F scale now for about 6 weeks. I am consistently getting up to the F above high C on the F scale, and getting to the G more times than not. In practice anyway.
I am playing lead in a new big band in my area.a bunch of old farts(at least to me at 46) and me. As the bari player is fond of pointing out I'm the only "chick" in the band and I'm the lead trumpet player. I have to say that my best moment was when the leader said, "ok, we either all have to play up to Barb, or she has to play quieter" So I'm playing quieter - it's easier that way . I'm having a blast. And can say that I can still nail at least a D by the end of a 2 hour grueling rehearsal - (the leader is a sax player - nice guy, but has no idea from chart to chart how tough he is being on the brass). This may not sound great by a bunch of people's standards..I've heard a many of you on clips that blow my mind - but it makes me happy. I feel I'm playing better now than ever (and I went to Berklee and played non-stop for 4 years). I guess I just wanted to say hi, and to say thanks to Bob - I think that by just doing the G and the F scale I've been able to focus much more clearly on what's happening when I go into the upper register. If I ever get to Texas I'd love to stop by - and Jeanne, if I'm ever in Boston again - or if you ever get out to say Sacramento or Lake Tahoe or Reno, Nevada I would want a lesson from you in a heartbeat! Barb Hey Barb, I am glad about your progress!!! If you keep at it the results are amazingly easy. It would be glad to get together with you for a lesson. It sure is hot here in Texas! Remember pppp............... Thanks, Bob Odneal Casual Double High "C" on CD


Hi Bob, I've been working with your CDHC method for about 5 or 6 weeks now and thought you might appreciate some feedback. I've been working through the F warm-up and the C diminished exercises. After 4 weeks I didn't feel as though much was happening.(I'm a pretty impatient guy sometimes) I did however notice a considerable difference in the way my chops felt. They didn't feel wasted like they usually would by the end of my practice time. Keep in mind I have only been practicing your stuff. I was only consistantly getting up to a high D. I was somewhat discouraged that I hadn't made more progress but than out of boredom I decided to play some stuff from my old Arban's book. Full Sound like I would have normally. Not loud but just full and pretty. I was amazed at how easily the notes came and how my enduranced had increased considerably! I felt like I could play forever! Since then I am up to Double G above the staff. I haven't played this comfortablly ever. The "corners of the mouth" thing and play so solftly with so little pressure was a revalation for me! Forgive me for any negative thoughts for those first 4 weeks. It was all coming together. I just couldn't see it yet. It takes time but man it works. Thanks for opening my eyes and for the time you spent putting it together.
With Much Gratitude,


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