Last night I presented a CASUAL DOUBLE HIGH 'C" clinic in Houston (Sugar Land) at Dulles High School to fill in for Roger Ingram who was scheduled to be there. It was great to see all the interested trumpet players who came out and "braved" Houston traffic to attend. This was the first clinic where applied my CDHC technique to piccalo trumpet to show how it is not just for lead and high notes! Thanks to Kenny Borak and H & H MUSIC for having me out!


#50) Sparky posted on Nov 14th 2003 09:56:38 AM

Hey guys, I drove over there and yes I was expecting to see Roger, but let me tell you, Bob Odneal did a good job of talking about his Casual Double C. He kept us laughing with his joke interjections, (well the young students might not have got it all, you have to know Bob). I am sure when the young students first heard Bob play his warm up of the appeture they no doubt thought this is a crock, play with that kind of sound. Well he showed them where it all leads to and well if it works for him, it could work for others. Yes I was dissapointed that Roger wasn't there but I did enjoy what Bob had to say and well maybe we need to try and do some more trumpet summits here in the Houston area, we have plenty of fine players that can pass on how they have developed their playing abilities over the years. I believe that one can learn from listening to others about what they have gone through and what they do now to develop and maintain their chops.

************************************************************************************************** I had a lot of fun doing a clinic for Project Grad in Houston ISD.
Great kids and teachers!
June 12, 2008

Great group of kids!

Demonstrating the the sounds of the Flugelhorn with the
New Warburton Flugelhorn & Odneal Signature
Warburton Flugel mouthpiece.

The Pocket Trumpet was a hit!

The four valve Piccalo Trumpet with the
Odneal Signature Warburton Trumpet mouthpiece.

The Bb Trumpet and Warburton mouthpiece.

The low F Sharp.

A bit of the old plunger!

Brazoswood High School
I had a great time giving a clinic and playing with the
Brazoswood High School Jazz Bands and the Lake Jackson
Intermediate Jazz Band on May 19th & 20th 2004!
Thanks to all involved!
Special thanks to Jim Kock, Brian Casey and Audry Dunn.
This was my 3rd time to work with these groups.

Bob playing
"Gonna Fly Now"
with the
Houston 2004 All-City Jazz Ensemble
conducted by
Charlie Stephens
March 6, 2004
Another great experience!!!