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Jazz great Maynard Ferguson said of Bob Odneal

" He's a talented performer and a great personality who is welcome on the bandstand with me anytime!"


Casual Double High C etc.

Hi there Bob, I am absolutely amazed at what I experienced today, I watched your beginning movie and tried your first warmup - I took a glance and though okay cool I will get to the "F" and that will have to do for today, this is my normal playing range, I was really surprised that the "G" came out easily and then the "A" and the first sign of difficulty was the "Bb" and then I was able to play the "C" with less strain than ever before.

I have never been able to play the scale up there before doing your warmup in fact very really have I played a "G" and only on rare occasion have I accidentally hit a double high "C". If it was only the warmup, I could have said that it was a a chance and it will never happen again :-)

However throughout the day, (I am busy preparing the Telemann Concerto No 2 in D on Piccolo Trumpet in A for a concert), I found that where I am normally done for after 15 - 20 minutes, that I was able to play it over and over again, the organist was amazed and we finished the rehearsal and I still had steam to play it again :-) I have never had this in fact I am playing one movement on Wednesday and was able to play it over and over again with another pianist for that gig :-)

I did not expect this kind of reaction, I was not sure what to expect, but this sure seems at a first glance and try to be something amazing :-)

I do not really understand what happened to my playing today, but hey it was great :-)

L. B.


From my guest book. (Phone lesson student)
City/Country: Locust Valley, NY (Long Island)
Comments: Bob:
What a pleasure it is to be working with you! FINALLY, someone who can explain it - and DO it!!!!!
Thanks for your help!!!!


Ultimate Progress by Bob Odneal

I had an adult student (Greg N.) come to me several years ago. He had a range of a D above the staff while using a lot of pressure and with a bad tone. After working with my Casual Double High 'C' method, he developed a very good tone and his range increased to "G" above double high "C" with the minimum pressure required to play those notes. This was one of the most incredible range increases in a short time period I have seen. The secret was he stuck with the pppp warm-up and exercises I gave him.


After all these years I see my chops coming around as a direct consequence of your methodology. I believe the public schools are teaching it all wrong, whereas, if they would adopt your method, more children would find success in the musical genere and keep 'the music of the spheres' close to their vest for a Lifelong journey. I salute you old mate, from our high school years many years ago when Doc first visited us, to today, as you chair an ever growing SanJancinto South Music department within the beautiful new fine arts facility .

Charles W. Coleman


An e-mail received 9/28/2004 from Keith Fiala with the


Hey Bob,

  Little did I know when I first met you in February of this year (2004), that you would make such a HUGE impact on my playing!!!  I have been taking lessons for several years to try and reach the dream goal of Double C and above.  And to some degree was having very limited success... not to the discredit of anyone other than myself for incorrectly processing the information that I was being given (with a little stubbornness thrown in to boot)!!!  After spending an afternoon listening to what you had to say, and watching you put it into action as well as words, my eyes were opened wider than before.  Finally, something clicked in my brain and lips! 

  It's now been 3 weeks since my lesson with you, and I am consistently hitting useable Double C's, and have sured up everything below it.  It is in my humble opinion that you have a very unique way of explaining your ideas, and I believe that 97.344% of the people that come to you will experience the same success...

  In short, Thank YOU!!!!


  Keith Fiala

Maynard Ferguson's Big Bop Nouveau Band


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