George of the Jungle meets Rocky???
I'm playing/experimenting with a recording program called Cubase.
I'm playing with a program called Audacity using a digital echo.
A short multiple tonguing lick.
An improvised technique builder that took an upward turn to a double "C".
Recorded on a Schilke B6-L trumpet with a 9E Powerpiece. Kind of "pic. sounding, but it is a Bb trumpet.
MacArthur Park MPEG
Hear BOB play an excerpt from MacArthur Park opening for Maynard Ferguson 1/31/2000.
Mike Test
Here I am testing a cheap mike's response from low "F#" to double "D" Not to bad, but too brittle.
Wise Up Cadenza
A cadenza while opening for Maynard with my band "INFERNO"
notice the one-handed count off while I'm holding the last "G"... Minimum pressure does work!