Maynard Ferguson
and his
Big Bop Nouveau Band
Saturday February 25, 2006
Maynard in Houston Area Feb. 25th. 2006 FINALLY!!
My friend Stephen Kloesel is going to be able to take up the slack and produce the concert.
I hope you Houston area fans will help spread the word and support Stephen.
He is a trumpet player, also.
The gig is on and it will be at
Conroe High School
Conroe, Texas.
It will start at 8.
Doors open at 7.
Opening music to begin at 7:30.
Tickets $20
Tickets can be bought through for $21 each
Though Paypal they are $21 a piece to offset Paypal costs.
Payments are to be sent to
Please contact:
Peet Junior High School
Attn: Stephen Kloesel
400 Sgt. Ed Holcombe Blvd. N
Conroe, TX 77304